Steps to build a strong financial foundation

Are you the master of wealth? you should! In order to build a stable structure, you must start with a durable financial foundation that will strengthen your future goals while taking care of you. What do you need to do to put the structure in place? It is very clear. The following strategies will help […]

Financial Antivirus Stimulus Package and Gold Medal

Unfortunately, the new coronavirus is fatal not only to humans but also to the global economy. The central bank has already launched a rocket launcher, but monetary policy cannot do anything during the pandemic because their supply interruption and self-isolation have effectively frozen economic activity. Interestingly, even the central bank seems to admit its incompetence. […]

Know your finances

The reality is that money comes and goes. More important is how you handle the funds. A long time ago, when I learned how money works; the rule of 72 was an eye-opener. Rule 72 is a simple way to determine how long it takes for your funds to double; it is calculated by dividing […]