Teach your children about money-very important

Man’s path to success began in the era of accountability and continued every day for the rest of his life. Once the child is smart enough, he/she can be asked for money as “my money”; the child is ready to accept financial literacy courses.
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Many countries are experiencing economic difficulties. If it cannot be completely eliminated, this situation can be minimized. How to avoid the current economic difficulties? Answer: If today’s leaders are like primary school students, they have been taught the basic principles of creating wealth and maintaining livelihoods. What makes me sad is that countries with large amounts of human and natural resources perform so badly.
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The same phenomenon applies to children of wealthy parents, at least most of them. Studies have shown that up to 90% of the children of wealthy children will not become wealthy after all. At best, they just made enough money to make ends meet. This is because they have never learned how to make money, retain and use currency correctly. They are not taught or disciplined about how to operate the basic laws of wealth creation.
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Unfortunately, most schools do not teach financial knowledge. It is not part of the school curriculum at all. As parents, whether rich or poor, we eagerly hope that the standard of living is better than that of our children. Parents work hard to ensure that their offspring will not live through the hardships they have to go through.
Yes, teaching young children the concept of financial management is a difficult task, but they need to understand the basic skills of financial management, and they need to learn it immediately.
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Some people think that children have no knowledge of money. But the fact is that habit is formed since childhood. This is the habit we teach children to grow and live. So many adults find it difficult to save money today because they have never been taught the habit of saving money and using it wisely.

Let us help our children and our future; let us work together to eliminate financial illiteracy. Let us work together to build a country where everyone is comfortable and live in peace with each other. Starting with a child (your child), we can reverse the economic situation of our country. We can!