Research neighborhood investment

Your neighbor likes to watch financial news and occasionally buys and sells many common stocks of a listed company. How did he do that?
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he knows why He will do this before planning how to do it. He sought to invest in a growth company before a company could not solve and raise the price of common stock. However, he also likes to win in his own work, and investment in this area may change from positive to negative. The “method” starts with obtaining current, relevant and feasible investment information. Various free TV and online resources can provide this information.
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Your neighbors record “CNBC” investment TV shows in the morning and afternoon. After returning home from get off work, spending time with his family, and having dinner with his family, he spent 30 minutes-about an hour browsing the CNBC program of the day to learn about investment news on the financial market that day. Perhaps he will collect information about a particular company whose stock price has risen or fallen due to news. He searches the company’s name on the Internet to understand its stock code.
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He visited the “big picture” to understand the performance of the company and its stock today and over a period of time, paying close attention to the company’s size and whether it paid quarterly dividends. By searching for the stock symbol and adding the term “dividend schedule”, he may find that the company will pay the next dividend to shareholders who hold the stock on the next date.
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Your neighbor does not gamble. He invests. He rarely invests in newsworthy stocks. Instead, through research, he may decide to add the stock to his watch list in order to conduct a deeper analysis of the reasons that caused the stock to rise or fall in the past. Over time, he accumulated a list of approximately 30 stocks, including 10 stocks in the S&P 500 sector. From CNBC’s program, he learned which areas have made progress today.
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He trades stocks with reputable online brokers and charges $6.50 in commission for each transaction. He can only use the limited amount reserved for this purpose to trade. He tends to buy no more than 100 shares and multiplies the purchase one month before the company’s ex-dividend date. At that time, the stock’s trading volume rebounded and he found that the price had begun to rise. . He sets the purchase price as a “limit price” order (because he does not want to buy if the price quickly rises above the target price), and he keeps the order valid by selecting “good until cancelled”.
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If the new message changes the parameters, he will cancel the purchase order. The sale presents an even greater challenge. After the purchase, should the stock price rise quickly, and should there be the temptation to sell the stock to obtain a quick profit, but suppose the company’s business has begun to rise to a new major level (retaining and passing on the stocks to grandchildren)? Before deciding to sell stocks, he will pay more attention to stock news. If the stock falls due to unexpected bad news, he will usually sell the stock without hesitation, because this may limit the loss, and he can calculate the loss with the gains of other stocks in the tax year.
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Do not Well-trained and licensed investment experts, your neighbors Isn’t it you. Conduct research, limit risk, and carefully study the investment that may be right for you. Your neighbor never invests in things he doesn’t understand, and he never listens to specific investment and trade advice. #TAG1writer