Why investment is important

Over the years, as the future of social security benefits has become unknown, investment has become increasingly important.
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People want to insure their future. They know that if they rely on social security benefits, and in some cases on retirement plans, they may be in a rude state of awakening when they no longer have the ability to earn a stable income. . Investment is the answer to the unknown in the future.
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You may have been saving money in a low-interest savings account for many years. Now, you want to see money grow at a faster rate. Maybe you have inherited money or achieved other windfalls, and you need a way to grow money. Again, investment is the answer.

Investment is also a way to get what you want, such as a new house, a child’s college education or expensive “toys”. Of course, your financial goals will determine what kind of investment you make.

If you want or need to make a lot of money quickly, you will be more interested in higher-risk investments, which will bring you greater returns in a shorter time. If you are saving for an unreachable future, such as retirement, then you will want to make safer investments that can grow in the long term.

The overall purpose of investment is to create wealth and security over a period of time. It is important to remember that you will never get income…you will eventually retire.

You also cannot expect the social security system to do what you expect. As we saw at Enron, you don’t necessarily have to rely on the company’s retirement plan. Therefore, once again, investment is the key to ensuring your financial future, but you must invest wisely!

Many people like to rely on 401K plans and other investments to supplement their retirement savings. This is a good habit, because social security may no longer exist after 2029. Never start investing in stocks and bonds yourself now. However, before spending any money to invest, it is very important to talk to a qualified financial advisor.

Therefore, please contact a financial advisor (such as a qualified stockbroker) and discuss your financial prospects with them.


Research neighborhood investment

Your neighbor likes to watch financial news and occasionally buys and sells many common stocks of a listed company. How did he do that?
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he knows why He will do this before planning how to do it. He sought to invest in a growth company before a company could not solve and raise the price of common stock. However, he also likes to win in his own work, and investment in this area may change from positive to negative. The “method” starts with obtaining current, relevant and feasible investment information. Various free TV and online resources can provide this information.
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Your neighbors record “CNBC” investment TV shows in the morning and afternoon. After returning home from get off work, spending time with his family, and having dinner with his family, he spent 30 minutes-about an hour browsing the CNBC program of the day to learn about investment news on the financial market that day. Perhaps he will collect information about a particular company whose stock price has risen or fallen due to news. He searches the company’s name on the Internet to understand its stock code.
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He visited the “big picture” to understand the performance of the company and its stock today and over a period of time, paying close attention to the company’s size and whether it paid quarterly dividends. By searching for the stock symbol and adding the term “dividend schedule”, he may find that the company will pay the next dividend to shareholders who hold the stock on the next date.
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Your neighbor does not gamble. He invests. He rarely invests in newsworthy stocks. Instead, through research, he may decide to add the stock to his watch list in order to conduct a deeper analysis of the reasons that caused the stock to rise or fall in the past. Over time, he accumulated a list of approximately 30 stocks, including 10 stocks in the S&P 500 sector. From CNBC’s program, he learned which areas have made progress today.
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He trades stocks with reputable online brokers and charges $6.50 in commission for each transaction. He can only use the limited amount reserved for this purpose to trade. He tends to buy no more than 100 shares and multiplies the purchase one month before the company’s ex-dividend date. At that time, the stock’s trading volume rebounded and he found that the price had begun to rise. . He sets the purchase price as a “limit price” order (because he does not want to buy if the price quickly rises above the target price), and he keeps the order valid by selecting “good until cancelled”.
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If the new message changes the parameters, he will cancel the purchase order. The sale presents an even greater challenge. After the purchase, should the stock price rise quickly, and should there be the temptation to sell the stock to obtain a quick profit, but suppose the company’s business has begun to rise to a new major level (retaining and passing on the stocks to grandchildren)? Before deciding to sell stocks, he will pay more attention to stock news. If the stock falls due to unexpected bad news, he will usually sell the stock without hesitation, because this may limit the loss, and he can calculate the loss with the gains of other stocks in the tax year.
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Do not Well-trained and licensed investment experts, your neighbors Isn’t it you. Conduct research, limit risk, and carefully study the investment that may be right for you. Your neighbor never invests in things he doesn’t understand, and he never listens to specific investment and trade advice. #TAG1writer


Teach your children about money-very important

Man’s path to success began in the era of accountability and continued every day for the rest of his life. Once the child is smart enough, he/she can be asked for money as “my money”; the child is ready to accept financial literacy courses.
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Many countries are experiencing economic difficulties. If it cannot be completely eliminated, this situation can be minimized. How to avoid the current economic difficulties? Answer: If today’s leaders are like primary school students, they have been taught the basic principles of creating wealth and maintaining livelihoods. What makes me sad is that countries with large amounts of human and natural resources perform so badly.
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The same phenomenon applies to children of wealthy parents, at least most of them. Studies have shown that up to 90% of the children of wealthy children will not become wealthy after all. At best, they just made enough money to make ends meet. This is because they have never learned how to make money, retain and use currency correctly. They are not taught or disciplined about how to operate the basic laws of wealth creation.
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Unfortunately, most schools do not teach financial knowledge. It is not part of the school curriculum at all. As parents, whether rich or poor, we eagerly hope that the standard of living is better than that of our children. Parents work hard to ensure that their offspring will not live through the hardships they have to go through.
Yes, teaching young children the concept of financial management is a difficult task, but they need to understand the basic skills of financial management, and they need to learn it immediately.
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Some people think that children have no knowledge of money. But the fact is that habit is formed since childhood. This is the habit we teach children to grow and live. So many adults find it difficult to save money today because they have never been taught the habit of saving money and using it wisely.

Let us help our children and our future; let us work together to eliminate financial illiteracy. Let us work together to build a country where everyone is comfortable and live in peace with each other. Starting with a child (your child), we can reverse the economic situation of our country. We can!


Don’t fall for dishonest transactions

Everyone needs money. Most people are concerned about the accumulation of wealth, but it seems that everyone wants your money. Many people responded to the ads to make money online or through various other methods. After sending the message, you will be on someone’s list, and you will likely be bombarded by emails every day, advocating one program or another.
There must be some actual earners who serve people, and some have become very wealthy. However, there are many scams where people try to “steal” your money. Some people may even think they are doing legal things, but the most common is that they basically want to pay for it.
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This is the actual email received recently.

Hi. Do you want to earn $5,000 in the next 30 minutes? Seriously, you read it right. How about 15k in a day? Congratulations! You have been selected to access this content privately.
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Then there is a link, which is said to provide a deposit immediately after activation. Who doesn’t want to take almost no action in the next 30 minutes to earn $5,000? It claims that you can easily earn $15k or even $20k in the next five days. Does this sound too good to be true? of course can. Most surely, this is probably a scam to get other people’s money. Usually, these programs never work, they are just a way for people to try to get money.
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Here is another email that may be a scam:

At midnight yesterday, perhaps the door to the greatest profit opportunity ever offered to readers was closed… But you are lucky-because those missed opportunities are forcing us to reopen it again. However, there must be a reasonable warning… If you miss the opportunity to double your money every day (or more), it is not our fault, but yours. Check it out now and join now.
This is another suspicious email:

Just take one more step and you can charge a commission of $ 15,000.00. Approve your deposit here. Once approved, the transfer will take 2-3 days to reach your personal account…
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Oh, as long as it is true, you can trust what you read. You need to research first before sending money to the person who asked you to try this transaction. There are many dishonest people who only think of themselves.

During World War II, Japanese Americans living on the west coast of the continental United States were forced to leave their homes and were held in camps in desolate areas of the country. They lost their livelihoods, most of them lost their savings. They are in a state of despair. They understand the value of money and the difficulty of not being able to make money. Many people have suffered. However, they may learn from experience that making money is not easy, and making money often requires hard work.
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People who suffer financial hardship like Japanese Americans usually divide their money more carefully. They should pay more attention to scams and defrauded money.

Many people in the world are struggling financially and are looking for a way to earn extra income. Although some people may be eager to find a “get rich quick” solution, most people just want an honest way to make money. Apart from normal work, finding a legal opportunity is not as easy as you might hope.

Finding effective methods requires hard work and dedication. Not falling into fraud and infeasible plans can be a challenge. Before you get away from your hard-earned money, research the situation and try to find out what others think about it. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Do your due diligence to ensure that you do not lose money unnecessarily. Don’t fall for dishonest transactions or scams.

You need more income

The presidential election is over, I can tell you now. President-elect Donald Trump will not save you. You will need more income. Senator Hillary Clinton can’t save your finances either. The fact is that the middle class is dead. The dream of finding a good job, buying a house, owning a car, saving for retirement and growing a green pasture is an illusion.

Don’t believe me to view all fast food jobs, security and customer service jobs. There is no shortage of jobs. If you are willing to work for a minimum wage or higher, then work is everywhere. Since the last recession, the unemployment rate has been falling every year. Americans are scared because they live on salary. They are heavily in debt. One setback, they may be destroyed financially.

Don’t think that the middle class is dead. Will the next POTUS revive the middle class? Oops, it has been down for more than 30 years. Think about it. If you make $100,000 in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Chicago, you are struggling. Especially if you are burdened with student loans, mortgages and huge credit card debts.

Broken journey

Go to work, get paid, and then Barley earns the next salary. Then use a credit card, payday loan or home equity line to bridge the gap until you get paid again. That is the journey of bankruptcy. Today, a vicious circle has swept through most American families. People did not move forward. You can blame the economy, greedy companies or bad trade transactions. In the final analysis, why you went bankrupt is because of you.

Unless you generate more income, the debt cycle and sufficient funds will not be able to reproduce. Income is the foundation of financial security. This is where people fail. They will not generate more income. Making sure to cut expenses and having a monthly cash flow plan can help your finances. However, unless you increase your income line, you will always be struggling.

Change job

The fastest way to generate more income is to find a second job. Yes, depending on where you live, there will be some job opportunities here. Pizza delivery, security guards, fast food restaurant workers and other minimum wage opportunities. I am not talking about creating a new career, but about finding a second job.

Finding a second job is the easiest thing to change your financial future. No, it is not permanent. This is direct income, and when you handle the money correctly, you may be financially protected within a few years. This requires work and discipline. Now, if your family obligations prevent you from finding a second job, you must find other ways to generate income.

Sell ​​your nonsense

Yes, I call it nonsense. If you have to pay a monthly storage fee, you cannot park your car in the garage (the garage is for your car and does not accumulate things), or you will still trip over the contents of the house after cleaning. Then you need to sell that crap. Hold a yard sale. Get rid of it and create some cash. Put it on eBay or other websites. Clean the knives and grease the wallet.

Side noise

With Uber and Lyft, you can easily cope. Keep your full-time job and do the work of these independent contractors aside. Choose your own time. Do your best. Don’t like driving? Find some flexible ways to increase the bottom line.


This is the most difficult way to increase income. However, if you succeed, it will create wealth. If you are not attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit, find another job. Can you turn your hobby into an empire? Maybe? Understand that to generate more revenue in your business, you need to sell. Sales is the lifeblood of all businesses. There is no success without sales.

Generate more income

I will give you several ways to make money. Develop short-term and long-term plans. The middle class is dead. Your financial future is in your hands. More sources of income will help you survive the middle-class crisis.

4 Solok 401k errors that can get you into trouble

“Error is the portal of discovery.” ~ James Joyce

There is no doubt that mistakes are the true precursors of great discoveries, and making mistakes shows that you are working hard to improve your life. However, some errors are more expensive than others. For example, launching a product does not get the attention it deserves, which will increase your learning experience, but financial errors can lead to severe penalties and waste your financial resources, which is an expensive job.

One of the so expensive mistakes in the financial life of Solo 401k retirement plan owners is to participate in prohibited transactions. Our main clients include small business owners and self-employed professionals, and we carry out events to discuss the responsibilities of plan owners and the latest regulations. Our team decided to study some of the most common mistakes made by Solo 401k retirement plan owners.

What are the prohibited transactions in the Solo 401k retirement plan?

For the Solo 401k retirement plan, no regulatory documents (including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) or the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)) define eligible transactions for the plan. Instead, they discuss who or what is prohibited from investing, and these transactions are called prohibited transactions in the Solo 401k plan.

One of the common characteristics of prohibited transactions is the participation of disqualified persons. Simply put, the disqualified person is the owner or service provider of the Solo 401k plan, or beneficiary, or certain family members of these groups. The key reason behind the description of prohibited transactions is to ensure that the retirement tool is not used for the personal benefit of the plan owner.

Sell, lease or exchange property to a disqualified person

4975(c)(1)(A): Sell, trade or lease property directly or indirectly between the Solo 401k plan and the “disqualified person”.

The IRS allows you to invest in real estate, but it is important that these transactions must be traded fairly, which means that the plan owner or anyone else who is disqualified should not receive personal benefits from the plan. Let us look at some examples of prohibited transactions.

  • Nathan used his Solo 401k fund to buy his father’s property.

  • Amanda sells her own property to her Solo 401k plan.

  • Mark leased the property owned by his Solo 401k plan to his son.

  • Joe uses his personal funds to pay the transaction costs involved in the Solo 401k real estate investment.

Each of these examples has the participation of unqualified people, including the plan owner or his immediate descendants or ancestors. The Internal Revenue Service prohibits any such transactions that directly or indirectly involve unqualified persons.

Loan or credit to a disqualified person

4975(c)(1)(B): Borrowing money or other credit extensions directly or indirectly between the Solo 401k plan and the “disqualified person”.

According to the guidelines of the Internal Taxation Law, the Solo 401k plan that borrows money or any form of credit from unqualified persons is considered a prohibited transaction. Some examples of such transactions are listed below.

  • Judy provides personal guarantees for mortgage loans for residential properties in his Solo 401k plan.

  • Martha borrowed $30,000 from her husband from her Solo 401k plan.

  • Mitchell obtained a credit card for his Solo 401k bank account.

  • Jason provides loans to a limited liability company controlled and owned by his father.

Exchange goods, services or facilities with disqualified persons

4975(c)(1)(C): Provide goods, services or facilities directly or indirectly between the Solo 401k plan and the “disqualified person”.

Current IRC guidelines prohibit the Solo 401k plan from receiving any type of service from unqualified people. It may be as simple as painting a house and can solve major structural problems. Some examples of such prohibited transactions are described below.

  • Ron used his Solo 401k to buy the property and repair it himself.

  • Sally hired her father to manage the property owned by her Solo 401k plan.

  • Tiffany (Tiffany) prepared an investment plan for her Solo 401k and received compensation.

  • Doug acts as a real estate agent for the property purchased by his Solo 401k.

Transfer income or assets to a disqualified person

4975(c)(1)(D): Transfer Solo 401(k) plan income or assets directly or indirectly to “disqualified persons”.

The assets or income generated by the Solo 401k plan investment should not directly or indirectly benefit the disqualified person. Some examples of such prohibited transactions are discussed below.

  • Merissa used $10,000 of Solo 401k funds to pay personal debts.

  • Harry lives in a house owned by his Solo 401k plan.

  • Steve deposits the rental income from the Solo 401k property into his personal bank account.

  • Rob lent money from his Solo 401k to a company he controls.

The Solo 401k plan can speed up your retirement savings and help you quickly build a larger nest. However, as the sponsor/trustee of the plan, you are responsible for ensuring the legal compliance of the plan. Do not hesitate to seek professional help, especially when it comes to important aspects such as retirement planning.

Do you prepare private notes for you?

In the past few years, the financial world has gone through a rather difficult period when many traditional lenders have found any excuses for not being able to borrow. They usually try to underwrite the A paper contract at the B or C paper interest rate, and if the principle is accepted, they will conduct the transaction. The terms that the lender will provide are usually much lower than the terms it has made in history. This means that the lender will provide a 10% interest rate, and before that they will provide a 6% interest rate, or propose to finance 70% of the purchase, and before then they will finance 90%. You may have heard the news in the news that good stable buyers cannot obtain bank loans for their business, house, car, or things you own. Financial markets are tight. However, people still need cash to buy houses, cars and goods for their business, so they turn to the private market to meet their financial needs. Even at the best of times, 90% of all financing for the sale of small businesses is the funds carried by the seller.

Once these notes or notes are created, the payee (usually the seller) receives monthly payments, including principal and interest, which are the funds they provide to the buyer or payer. Since these note holders are private individuals rather than financial institutions, there are limits on how much capital they can invest in these financial instruments. They usually need to release cash and sell paper money so that they can conduct other transactions or buy other equipment, cars or houses, etc. They need buyers to pay them the cash balance still owed to them or a cash balance close to that balance. As much as possible. Generally, the investment returns required by these buyers in this article are higher than the needs of institutional financial companies.

For example, if the current FNMA mortgage interest rate for the 30-year first mortgage is fixed at 5%, private investors may demand and receive a 10% return on their invested capital. Since the note is created and the terms of the note (interest rate, term, etc.) are set, it cannot be changed. The way for bill investors to get 10% of the 5% of the bill is through discounting. This means that the purchaser of the note will only pay $80,000 for the remaining $100,000. The difference is $20,000 or 20%. This difference is a discount. This 20% is not magical. It fluctuates according to many variables in the transaction, such as: the type of collateral, denomination interest rate, remaining term, whether the owner is using it, payment history, buyer/payer information, etc. Underwriting all these variables or due diligence is the safest and best, which is carried out by professional companies.

thank you for your time,

TJ Stewart, founder and CEO

3 ways young people can gain wealth and maintain financial sustainability

A person’s success can be recognized by legal means of obtaining something useful. This may be the result of hard work and self-determination. In some people, this is another reason, because they believe that success comes from supreme recognition. Wealth can sometimes be simply described as an individual’s ability to satisfy one’s desires without limitation.

There are millions of people in the world today who believe that to work hard to achieve their goals, most importantly, are they really working hard to achieve the sustainable development goals?

Perhaps in this world, about 5% of people acquire wealth at any given time to maintain and meet their needs. They are the most influential people in the world. Their achievements may not really depend on hardships, but merely because of self-determination that produced the results of serving the general public.

In this article, we provide three (3) ways to obtain sustainable wealth to meet people’s expected needs. However, these methods are divided into three groups, namely inventors, investors and wage income groups.

Inventor Group: This group can be found among famous artists such as celebrities, artistic celebrities, actors, musicians and inventors. They usually work for passion, which later makes them famous and attracts wealth to them. Sometimes, due to improper management, their wealth is not abundant. The reason is because most people in this group are teenagers who don’t believe in job hunting. They find it easy to pursue passion, but lack of management knowledge will eventually lead to financial instability.

Salary income group: These people work for their employers on agreed terms and deadlines. When they meet their job requirements, they will be paid for the specific job. Whether they are government officials or private sector workers, they depend on their monthly, weekly or daily salary, which often prevents them from meeting their needs.

Teenagers in this group sometimes find it difficult to meet their urgent needs because they end up seeking leverage, loans and mortgages that generate debt. In most cases, they will be held for a fixed period of time in order to fulfill their long-term aspirations. Only 30% of the people in this group step up to build other sources of income for themselves.

Investor Group: This group believes that daily activities in the world depend on business transactions and risks.

However, there are not many roads to success among them. Few people believe that risk will always accompany all business transactions.

This group of people gradually gained higher wealth with the lowest investment rate. They focus on long-term goals that generate huge and sustainable wealth than the other groups above. They are the owners and employers of the people who make money for them every day.

The acquisition of wealth depends on the diversity of the group you choose to belong to. Any one of these groups can eventually make you wealth, but requires knowledge and understanding to manage its litigation process to maintain its future development.

Main causes of financial problems

8 reasons for financial failure

Financial difficulties? Even if many people give everyone the impression that they have created everything. They are working, living in a beautiful house, driving a beautiful car, but living between payday and payday. These are the 8 main causes of poverty in the first world.

Life within your power

There is no chance to get rid of it. If you spend more money than you earn, then you have to get the extra money from somewhere, which almost always means borrowing money, also called a credit purchase. All these have a price, which is called interest. If you are accustomed to buying things on credit, the interest you have to pay in your life will increase your wealth. Interest is sometimes called useless money, because all the interest you pay has no money to show.

Think about what you might spend for all these interests. It is almost painful to even think about it, but if you want to avoid poverty, you need to pull your head out of the sand and face reality. Your financial future depends on it.

Keep up with Jones

Some people try to keep up with their peers while spending money. This compulsion will cost you a lot of money. Exercising a certain self-image can severely affect your financial situation and will pay a high price when you stop working. You may think that your peers are doing a good job financially and can’t even afford themselves, but things you don’t know may surprise you. They may try their best to repay the debt. Even if they live within the ability to fund their lifestyle, this does not mean you have to keep up with them.

Don’t be a happy person, don’t let others down, don’t take the correct course of action to live according to your own situation, otherwise you will be happier.

Consumer debt

Consumer debt or stupid debt is often referred to as borrowing to buy things. Today is spending tomorrow’s income. Debtors usually ignore the situation of the so-called things they buy on credit. The value of their newly acquired property is shorter than the time they bought it. A key factor to note is: The money owed to the project always exceeds the value of the project. No one will fall into a debt-poverty cycle, not just people with lower incomes. In fact, middle-income people can easily fall into this trap.

Business greed

The commercialism of the 20th century brought a lot of prosperity. It provides jobs and creates countless businesses, but it has another aspect. The first poverty in the world is due to fanatical satisfaction with things. People are not only satisfied with what they need, but they also want more. All of this must be paid, and this money could have been used to build a financial foundation for their future.


Addiction is very expensive; just ask any smoker. You don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out how much a smoker would pay. It is estimated to exceed 100 New Zealand dollars per week. This is equivalent to 5 Grand Prix per year and 50 Grand Prix per ten years. No wonder many smokers are broken. The same is true for people who are addicted to alcohol and smoking.

Financial illiteracy

Financial illiteracy is the main cause of financial poverty. It is not only the low-income people who are financially illiterate. High-income people may also feel guilty for this. You will hear the stories of some successful sportsmen who made millions of dollars in their heyday but went bankrupt after retirement. It is important to save money and invest in the highest income years so that you are prepared when the income is no longer good.


It is irresponsible to not be responsible for your own finances. They will give all kinds of excuses, why they didn’t add kiwi or contributed. Excuses such as “You can’t take everything with you”, “I might die before retirement” or “I’m still young”. People who are irresponsible for their finances are often irresponsible in other aspects of life. Whether you are in a relationship, owning a house or a car, or saving for retirement, you have to take responsibility. This is what separates men from boys.

Bad company

There is no doubt that poor company is the main reason why many people live in poverty. Some people say: “You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with”, so it is necessary to check who you are with and ask whether their attitudes and opinions on finance affect your money habits. In order to grow, you need people’s help and encouragement. Sometimes this means separating from the bad company. Some people find it difficult, but in the long run, it is worth it.

Why there will never be Bitcoin

Well, it has been crazy for Bitcoin for ten years. In fact, Satoshi Nakamoto first created Bitcoin for more than a decade. No matter who he (she) or they are, they have had a profound impact on the world. They undoubtedly predicted that this is why they chose to disappear from the public eye.

Therefore, today, more than a decade later, Bitcoin is still more active and stronger than ever. Since people have tried to imitate the king of encryption, thousands of other cryptocurrencies have appeared. All have failed and will continue to fail. Bitcoin is one kind. Something that cannot be copied. If you don’t know why, please let me explain.

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, please give me a few brief points:

  • Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency

  • The maximum supply is 21 million

  • It cannot be faked

  • Not all coins are in circulation

  • It is completely decentralized and does not need anyone to control

  • It cannot be censored

  • Peer-to-peer money

  • Anyone can use

  • Bitcoin’s fixed supply decreases every four years

What makes Bitcoin unique?

So why is Bitcoin different from all the other thousands of coins invented since then?

When Bitcoin was first invented, it began to spread slowly among a small group of people. It is grown organically. When people began to see the benefits of Bitcoin and the price increase due to a fixed supply, Bitcoin began to grow faster.

The Bitcoin blockchain is now spread across hundreds of thousands of computers around the world. It is beyond the control of any government. Its creator has disappeared and can now operate autonomously.

Developers can upgrade and improve the Bitcoin network, but this is the consensus I reached in the entire Bitcoin network. No one can control Bitcoin. This is what makes Bitcoin unique and impossible to copy.

There are thousands of other cryptocurrencies available now, but as an example of what makes Bitcoin unique, I will use Ethereum as an example. Since Vitalik Buterin invented it in 2015, it has been one of the largest Alt coins currently.

Vitalik controls the Ethereum blockchain and basically has the final decision on any development that takes place on Ethereum.

Censorship and government intervention

For this example, let us imagine that Iran is sending billions of dollars to North Korea to fund its new nuclear weapons program. This is not a good situation, but it should show you how to use Bitcoin more securely!

Anyway… the first example. Iran is using the standard banking system and transferring the money to North Korea in U.S. dollars. The US government said, wait a minute, we need to freeze these transactions and confiscate the money. They did so immediately and the problem was solved.

The second example. The same thing happened again, but this time Iran used the Ethereum blockchain to send money to North Korea. The US government is seeing what is happening. Made a call.

“Get Vitalik Buterin here now”

The US government “applied some pressure” on Vitalik, which caused Vitalik to roll back the blockchain and cancel the Iranian transaction. (The Ethereum blockchain actually rolled back before hackers stole a lot of funds).

The problem is solved. Unfortunately, the reputation of Ethereum and its price will be destroyed.

Ethereum is just an example, but this is true for all other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin can’t stop

Therefore, the same thing happened again. This time Iran uses Bitcoin as a payment method. The U.S. government expressed its inability to stop this.

No one can call. No one wants to exert pressure. Bitcoin has gone beyond censorship.

All the other cryptocurrencies there were created by someone or a company, and this will always be the key to failure. They are still concentrated.

Another example is if Vitalik’s family is taken hostage. Bitcoin exceeds any limits, which is why it is the safest investment on earth.

Learn how to use Bitcoin

Everyone should own some Bitcoin. However, it is not without danger. If you are not familiar with Bitcoin, you should learn as much knowledge as possible before investing any money. Owning Bitcoin has many responsibilities. Learn how to use Bitcoin safely.